Let Us Help You Become A Certified Behavioral Health Clinic!


CCBHCs are designed to provide a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use disorder services to vulnerable individuals. In return, CCBHCs receive an enhanced Medicaid reimbursement rate based on their anticipated costs of expanding services to meet the needs of these complex populations.

CCBHCs are responsible for directly providing (or contracting with partner organizations to provide) nine types of services, with an emphasis on the provision of 24-hour crisis care, utilization of evidence-based practices, care coordination and integration with physical health care. The demonstration program represents the largest investment in mental health and addiction care in generations.


  • 24/7 crisis services to help people stabilize in the most clinically appropriate, least restrictive, least traumatizing, and most cost-effective settings.
  • Immediate screening and risk assessment for mental health, addictions and basic primary care needs to ameliorate the chronic co-morbidities that drive poor health outcomes and high costs for those with behavioral health disorders.
  • Easy access to care with criteria to assure a reduced wait time so those who need services can receive them when they need them, regardless of ability to pay or location of residence.
  • Tailored care for active-duty military and veterans to ensure they receive the unique health support essential to their treatment.

CCBHCs must provide crisis mental health services; screening, assessment and diagnosis; patient-centered treatment planning; outpatient mental health and substance use services; primary care screening and monitoring; targeted case management; psychiatric rehabilitation services: peer support, counseling and family support services; and services for veterans.

Expanded care coordination with other health care providers, social service providers and law enforcement, with a focus on whole health and comprehensive access to a full range of medical, behavioral, and supportive services.

Commitment to peers and family, recognizing that their involvement is essential for recovery and should be fully integrated into care.


CCBHCs are available to any individual in need of care, including, but not limited to, people with serious mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, long-term chronic addiction, mild or moderate mental illness and substance use disorders and complex health profiles.

CCBHCs will provide care regardless of ability to pay, caring for those who are underserved; have low incomes; are insured, uninsured or on Medicaid; and those who are active-duty military or veterans.


  • Community Needs Assessment: META will work in tandem with your organization, including advisory work groups/committees, to administer a community-driven needs assessment. The focus of the needs assessment will be three-fold: Consumers, Workforce, and Community Partners. META will assist with development of tools, data collection (paper and electronic), data processing/entry/analysis, and development of final report.
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Workflows
  • Training
  • Assist with development of MOUs
  • Board/Advisory Group Training
  • Staff Training
  • Assist with Certification Process
  • Assist with the Attestation Application
  • Provide External Evaluation Services
  • Assist with Funders Mandated Reports

META’s Current CCBHC Clients:

  • Community Rehabilitation Center (CRC), Jacksonville, Florida
  • PILLAR, Laredo, Texas
  • Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • C-Trilogy Outreach, Longview, Texas
  • Special Health Resources, Longview, Tyler, and Texarkana, TX
  • Agape Health & Wellness Center, Jacksonville, Duval County, FL

PILLAR is one of the organizations that META assisted with the certification process.